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Richard Migette

Lead Technical Program Manager — Grab



Richard Migette

Lead Technical Program Manager - Grab

●10 years+ of experience in managing multimillion dollar, strategically impactful IT projects of the supply chain for global companies.
●Expert in management and project methodologies with respect to cost, delay and scope.
●Experienced in international projects with third parties and multiple partners.
●Qualified leader and project manager recognized for delivering consistent results, prioritization of
urgencies, and driving both individual and team spirit to success.

Areas of Expertise Include:

►Project Management ►IT Supply Chain Management ►SAP ERP
►Change Management ►Process & Procedure Improvement ►Customer Services
►ERP & WMS Implementation ►Support and Operation Management ►Inventory Management,
►Security and Disaster Recovery ►International Retail Experience ►IT Logistics Management
►E-commerce ►Digital 




SUPINFO – The International Institute of Information Technology

Master’s Degree

09.2006 – 09.2011

Master degree in Management of information Systems and services.



Lead Technical Program Manager

07.2021 – Present

Decathlon Singapore

Head of Information Technology | IT Director

07.2019 – 07.2021

Decathlon Singapore

E-commerce Leader

01.2019 – 01.2020

Product Owner in charge of the development of Decathlon.sg website
Leader of the scrum meeting and animation of the agile development team
Prioritization of the product backlog feature and prioritization of the user stories.

Key Achievements:
⇨ Responsible to manage the web developer team
⇨ Growth of the digital share by 100%

Decathlon Singapore


01.2018 – 02.2019

Supply and demand planner, responsible to build the best and profitable offer for Football (Brand: Kipsta) and
ensure the supply for 8 countries in South East Asia. Supply Leader on the moving of the SEA warehouse with a
transfer of 4M pieces between 2 countries with ensuring the continuous activity and procurement during the
period of migration.
Key Achievements:
⇨ Responsible to build a profitable offer for Football in SEA.
⇨ Procurement management for Football in SEA with budget around 6M€.
⇨ Sales forecast management with 45% growths realized during the season 2018
⇨ IT Supply project manager on the migration of the SEA warehouse between 2 countries.

Key Achievements:
⇨ Responsible to manage the web developer team
⇨ Growth of the digital share by 100%

Decathlon International

IT Project Manager

09.2015 – 01.2018

IT project manager, focused on the opening of new countries for Decathlon Group in order to accelerate the growth of the company.
IT Leader on the retail and e-commerce opening of Ivory Coast, RD Congo, South Africa, Israël and Hong Kong.

Key Achievements:

⇨ Project manager for implementation of all IT systems of the group into new countries with coordination of the domains below: Supply, Logistic, Retail, E-commerce, Cashing …
⇨ In charge of the design of the new supply flow between the warehouse and the new countries.
⇨ Led the project of integration of different retail form, e-commerce, marketplace

Lacoste Group USA

IT Project Manager

04.2014 – 09.2015

IT project manager of supply chain focused on implementation of logistic projects. Responsible for the IT support operation for the U.S and Canada platform of Lacoste to ensure the continuity of the activities: Wholesale, Boutique and Ecommerce.

Key Achievements:

⇨ Project manager for the $2M implementation of the new Manhattan Warehouse management system in the US to enhance the B2B & B2C processes and re-integrate the ecommerce business in house to company.
⇨ In charge of the project of compliance with largest wholesale customer, Macy’s with the implementation of RFID tagging on all Lacoste products. RFID compliance will save company $500K in annual chargeback penalties.
⇨ Led the project of integration of B2C logistic processes with 3PL for Lacoste Canada to expand and develop the ecommerce market.
⇨Realization of the design, follow up of the build phase and management of the test phase. Project realized with respect to the cost, delay and scope.
⇨Responsible of the inventory management and improvement of the processes between the ERP and the WMS system.
⇨Importing and distributing Lacoste products around 7 M units annually with 0.001% of stock discrepancy.

Decathlon International

IT Supply Production Leader

02.2013 – 03.2014

Promoted to drive functionally the animation of SAP support of the company with almost 2000 licenses and around 500 users and a multimillion dollar budget.
Implicated on the key point of the Supply Chain strategy for the group with high responsibilities and under pressure to ensure the distribution of over 700 stores on times on three international platforms, to provide the good availability for the customers.
Led team functionally of twenty seven internal and external direct reports.

Key Achievements:

⇨Responsible for the key indicators of the support Europe and Asia with improvement of SLA of 5% and reduction of the incidents by 10% with more than 100 bugs fixed.
⇨Management of the performance testing with the improvement of the times of response in the major and strategic project of switching ECC5 SAP system based on Oracle data to SAP ECC6 system based on SAP HANA data. Project realized on time and without outage of service for the business.
⇨Coordination of the SAP version management with 6 major release on the SAP environment (module MM, SD and FICO) with Non regression testing to ensure the quality and the continuity of service.
⇨Execution and maintain the Disaster Recovery Plan of the Supply Chain for Europe, Asia and Brazil with optimization of the process for switchover the environment from 4 hours to 2 hours.

Decathlon International

IT Supply Project Engineer

10.2011 – 02.2013

Coordination and management of the IT forecasting projects in the heart of the supply chain for European and Asian platform of the company. Improvement of the MRP process to raise the accuracy of the forecast. Creation and training of the IT support SAP team in Shanghai to boost the reactivity and the level of service of the support on the Asian platform for the retail supply manager.

Key Achievements:

⇨Fulfillment of the PCB Logistic project to improve the lifecycle of the stock and decrease the logistic costs.
⇨ In charge of an IT project to enhancement the accuracy of the MRP global with reduction of the time of calculation to be sure that the forecast could be available on time for European and Asian platform.
⇨ Forecast accuracy increase of 8% due to the reliability and the availability at the good time to simplify the business decisions.
⇨ Involved in the creation and the training of the Sap Asia support team to ensure the continuity of the Europe support and also provide a local support for the business team in Asia.
⇨ This team has supported 10% of the worldwide incidents of the company and 80% of the Asian incidents with SLA over 90%

AXA Tech

Junior Project Manager

02.2010 – 10.2011

In charge of the asset management in the management of configurations department for raising the reliability of the Hardware asset management to be compliant with DELL policy. Application of the Six Sigma methodology and implementation of ITIL processes to reach this goal.

Key Achievements:

⇨Development of the process of the configurations management to increase the Six Sigma indicators of 66% and realized a gain of 150K for company.


Industry Knowledge

Business Analaysis20IT Strategy30IT Management35Project Management70Supply Chain80

Tools & Technologies


Language Skills






Kenx Gao
Kenx Gao

Richard is passionate guy who is willing to listen and help, he built the strong collaboration between China SAP team and Europe SAP team in 2012 – 2013, not to mention the high responsibility…

Damien Cattiau
Damien Cattiau

Richard is a professionnal , able to provide daily, his good humor, his requirement, his competence and sense of service. It was for each of us a colleague on whom we could…



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