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Enterprise Agreement Training

It`s been a while since I`ve been involved in the role of executive negotiator and I`ve taken this program as a timely update before I start my engagement in the near future. For me, it was more than a reminder, because I learned a lot of new things to prepare and negotiate for the next eBBs. Thanks for the relaxed workout style that testifies to a robust and useful program. « Adelhelm and Associates offered practical and informative training with the right mix of theory and application. There are many broad negotiation training courses, but none would be compared to Adelhelm and EA Negotiation association of guys who have actually concluded negotiations within the framework of enterprise agreements. It was the most effective and rewarding training I have ever participated in. « Training was absolutely on hand for our relatively inexperienced negotiating team. The consultant`s experience and practical approach were greatly appreciated by them. A very precious couple of days. iHR`s expertise and advice on enterprise agreements will include instructions on current legal requirements and obligations, the industrial environment, market thinking, communication strategies with unions covering coverage and directly with employees. Cooperation with staff and the guarantee of their support are the key to successful implementation and, indeed, the approval of the Fair Labour Commission. Work Relations now offers training to prepare your organization for the process. Subject 6: Presentation of an agreement and approval of the Fair Labour Commission (FWC) Most employers are aware that the Fair Labour Act has introduced many changes in enterprise bargaining.

Enterprise bargaining is now one of the most controversial and challenging employment sectors, which has a significant impact on corporate responsibility. This four-hour seminar will guide you through everything you need to know about the legal framework and practicalities of the negotiations. The seminar is aimed specifically at organizations that are considering or are in the process of developing an enterprise agreement. The seminar is also available for internal presentations. For more information on this option, please contact AFEI Training on 02 9264 2000. Find out more about the victorian House`s upcoming courses and training opportunities as I participated in your « Negotiating with Unions – Employee Groups » workshop and would like to thank you for two exceptional days. I can honestly say that this two-day workshop was by far the most valuable and practical course I took during my stay at HR.