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Mad River Local Schools Negotiated Agreement

DATA 2016: See how each teacher pay chart looked locally This list of average careers shows how many schools pay a Grade 10 teacher with a master`s degree, in this case, provided those 10 years were served in that neighborhood. For 2019-20, Huber Heights tops the list with $70.223, where Fairborn is back at a low of $56,502: centerville takes 34 years of service (most districts stop increases after 28 or 30 years), and these late career increases are based on the number of years in Centerville schools , and not just on the number of years taught in general. This is what a county pays a first-year teacher with a bachelor`s degree. It is important because new graduates of higher education may have several job offers to choose from, with student loans that are immediately paying off. For 2019-20, Centerville tops the list with $110,738, with Fairborn again lowest at $82,134. In some smaller neighbourhoods that are not on this list, the highest salary is about $75,000, which creates a $35,000 difference between the upper and lower district: RELATED: Dayton assigns hundreds of students every day If you want to be a teacher for 35 years – which will be the norm in a few years to get a full pension – which is the highest point of the pay scale after 35 Years. In four of these districts, the bite at this peak requires a doctorate. However, the most common condition is a master`s degree plus at least 30 hours of extra semester. For Ohio teachers, it`s not financially wise to change school districts after a certain point. Even if a teacher has been teaching for 20 years, in most districts, an aspiring teacher cannot exceed the 7 or 10 year « step » on the pay scale, which limits his or her entry salary to the new district. This fall, Teachers at Dayton Public Schools will see a significant pay rise due to a new contract that awaits final approval from the school board next week. RELATED: New contract would significantly increase DPS starting salary But how to compare teachers` salaries in the region? In Ohio, each school district negotiates with its own teachers` union on teachers` salaries, and each person`s salary is based on a scale that includes education level and years of experience. Few boroughs have a compensation system based on evaluations.

In 2019-20, we studied teacher award in a dozen school districts in Dayton- Dayton, Centerville, Kettering, Springboro, Huber Heights, Miamisburg, Northmont, Troy, Xenia, Mad River, Fairborn and West Carrollton.