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Music Distribution Agreements

These agreements also often attract you with a relatively short start period (sometimes even 1-3 years), but you will then keep blocked by option periods for future publications, which means you could be bound for 10 years. Traditionally, the task of a label is to take care of recording, production, demo, demito music, promotion and marketing. However, the labels would expect merchants to ensure that physical records entered stores where consumers would end up buying them. To sum up, you`ll probably consider a distro-deal very early in your career to put your music on streaming platforms and build your fan base and earn some license rights, you need to make sure you understand the type of distribution offer you need. Today, the fees you pay are usually a fixed annual fee (about $20 of $20) for unlimited downloads and distribution. In most cases, these fixed fees mean that you will keep 100% of your royalties. So I would never recommend going into that kind of distro-deal that claims a percentage of your licence fee – a fixed annual fee is the best and cleanest option. ii. Create and authorize digital stores to create and display and make public free preview clips of your recordings and music compositions that they contain via streaming format; This is usually the first thing you need, and almost all independent artists will need one.

This type of distribution contract allows you to download your music to the distributor`s online platform, and then they will use their distribution account on the corresponding streaming platforms to download your music so that you can start increasing those numbers and collecting royalties. (f) If we receive a request or notification or if we reasonably suspect that your records or documents or your use of our website or service are contrary to an agreement, violates the rights of third parties, violates this agreement or violates the laws, In addition to any other rights and remedies available, we may suspend or terminate the distribution of your recordings and/or the duration of the agreement and/or have you reimburse amounts that are reasonably reasonable to you, in addition to any other rights and other remedies. , material and activity, up to and unless all claims or other behaviors are resolved favourably to our reasonable satisfaction and we can deduct from your payments our legal fees and the legal costs associated with them. You unlock all funds that are due to your fraud, violation or other illegal activities. (b) they also grant us the right and the license, as well as the digital blinds, for the duration and throughout the territory, take all necessary or necessary steps to apply the above privileges and distribute your records and documents, as stipulated in this Agreement, including, but not limited to store, host, cache, reproduce, convert, edit, serve, transfer and perform public records, and as required by other provisions of our agreements with these Digital Stores or aggregators or publication rights bodies that may be changed from time to time over time.