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No Cell Phone Use At Work Agreement

But phones can also cause problems if used recklessly or excessively. Smartphones and tablets are an integral part of everyday life and can be a big advantage, but they can also become a disadvantage for efficiency and concentration if they are used too much during an employee`s workday. You should always write down your mobile phone policy, make it part of your staff manual, and have everyone sign that they understand it. Add a language that covers all technologies that can access the Internet and send and receive phone calls and texts. Surf the Internet. There are times when it helps to have an encyclopedia handy. The rules of spelling and grammar are just a click away. Accessing the calculator on a phone can be more convenient than looking for a desktop computer to calculate the turnover tax. So there are legitimate reasons to use the World Wide Web on a personal smartphone during working hours. We have tried all the methods of self-control that you mentioned, but because of the intrinsic and addictive nature of smartphones and because a person`s dependence on their device varies greatly from person to person, we now have a general guideline – no mobile phones at work. « Checking with children or taking care of important personal affairs, » or even « safety issues » have been used as acceptable excuses for the reasons why staff may be fired during work.

Are there periods of urgency or extenuating circumstances? Of course, and we can manage that. But we discovered that the only solution is the old school. Need to make a personal call? Of course, ask your supervisor, stamp him if necessary and go to the rest room and take care of your belongings. Do you need to reach the children? Give them the company`s phone number with your pass number or the corresponding number so that someone can reach you. No laptops at work. The period. We finally decided that if our work really needs to be taken seriously and if success is really our goal, then personal cell phone time is no more acceptable than leaving work prematurely. No laptops during working hours.

This is what breaks and lunch breaks are for, and unfortunately, we have learned that the application of the rule is as important as the rule and because we do not want our managers to waste more time than necessary (we have already lost thousands of hours and millions of dollars because of this problem), employees are immediately fired because they broke the phone rule. There is no chance. We tried three strikes and warnings – all of this requires a lot of paperwork and more money wasted. That`s why we recommend all employees to leave it in the car. You know it was before anything that had nothing to do with the company while it was paid for by the company was considered theft. We have returned to this philosophy. As a general rule, mobile phones should not be used when they pose a security risk. The mobile phone should not distract the user or others from their work and responsibilities….