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Pa Collective Agreement Family Leave

The union proposes that the new collective agreement expire on June 20, 2021. The employer proposes to extend the retention of the notification of disciplinary measures for the duration of a single leave without pay of more than six months. Several leave schemes referred to in Article 14 are subject to the discretion of the employer on the basis of the company`s requirements. Given current compensation and human resource systems and ongoing salary management challenges, the Canadian government has no flexibility to implement agreements on a basis other than that contained in the negotiated Memorandum of Understanding. Approval of another implementation process and other timelines would represent bad faith negotiations on behalf of the government, as it would accept something it would not be able to satisfy. The current language is common throughout the CPA`s collective agreement. Among the employer`s proposals is also the memorandum of understanding on the implementation of the collective agreement, negotiated with all groups of the CPA and separate agencies. The employer argues that it has the right to rely on its workers to participate in the work and perform the tasks for which they were hired. Allowing workers` representatives to leave work without giving management a margin of appreciation to determine whether work requirements allow their immediate absence is not appropriate and could lead to possible disruption of the employer`s business. Consequently, the issue of longer working hours does not justify additional remuneration and the organisation of meeting leave already offers workers generous arrangements for reconciling work and private life. All overtime is paid twice.

Subsequent changes throughout the contract must be made in accordance with the agreement. Through its proposal in clause 14.14, the employer seeks to clarify the maximum amount of paid leave for negotiators` business, which would be subject to the cost recovery mechanism put in place during the last round of collective bargaining. In 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding was reached between the parties outside of the collective agreement to address significant challenges with the Phoenix wage system. In addition, employees with a higher number of years of service already receive higher leave credits. The employer believes that no worker responsible for domestic violence should be granted paid leave. Therefore, leave would not be available if a worker is suspected or charged with a crime of domestic violence. . . .