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Patent Licensing Agreements

If a confidentiality or confidentiality agreement has been entered into by the parties and remains valid for the duration of the licence agreement, nothing else is required. If this has not been done, a section dealing with confidentiality conditions may be included in the license agreement. If the previously agreed confidentiality agreement is weak, now is the time to strengthen it and ensure that these conditions in the licensing agreement prevail over previous agreements! The exact delivery language must be indicated. These include intellectual property rights under which the licence is granted: only patent or know-how rights, or both; and exclusive rights, exclusively with the licensee, or not exclusively. This section should also define the concept of exclusivity and/or non-exclusivity and specify whether this right is irrevocable; and if there is a right to sub-licensing. A lawyer can help you determine what rights may be granted as part of your licensing agreement. Let`s help you add the right schedules to your license agreement. Here you can give very specific lists of the items processed in the license, background documents and sketches of research project and specific procedures. It may be easier to change a schedule than the entire contract if changes are required.

A patent that grants ownership of an invention, but it will not pay you. There are a few ways to make a profit from your idea. Export rules are important for operations in which the technology is exported from the United States. All exports must comply with U.S. export control laws and regulations. Other countries may have laws dealing with the same subject or the registration of the final agreement with the government. In some cases, either or all of the parties do not want their name to be used in licensed products that are advertised or sold, as this indicates that the licensing institution recommends these products. If that is the case, it should be stated in the agreement. It is agreed that this agreement will continue for the life of the aforementioned [COUNTRY] Letters patent, but that the licensee has the right, at any time after the licensee`s written [two-year] deadline at his last known address (and, to this end, the submission of communications is considered sufficient) to terminate this contract, and at the expiry of the [TWO] years from the date of transmission of this notification, this agreement ends and ends for the reasons covered by Article 9 above, or if the patents of the taker have no value due to other patents or other improvements in the industry [SPECIFY]; and all rights that the underwriter holds or holds under this agreement are transferred by the licensee and given to the licensee; except that the licensee has the right to sell all the devices already manufactured that embody the inventions to which the royalties are paid as intended above. If you have a provisional patent, i.e.

you have filed a patent instead of granting it to you, it is possible to enter into negotiations with the licensees, although the reduced royalties are probably a condition of the contract.