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Warren`s Forms Of Agreements

A unique feature of the last band is a complete section dedicated to the clauses of the boiler platform and which provides a selection of clauses that will help you customize the trade agreement forms. Warren allows the budget-conscious company to invest in a single publication that benefits all of its transaction lawyers, whether they design employment contracts, general and commercial commercial contracts or intellectual property and technology agreements. Warren it also saves considerable design time with a large number of standard agreements and alternative clauses, as well as the practical advice needed to quickly make informed decisions when faced with a new type of agreement. Warren`s Forms of Agreements is an 8-volume package that consists of many well-defined, well-defined contract forms, covering almost every transaction a lawyer will encounter in a business firm. The set serves as both a legal reference resource and a valuable design tool. Each chapter contains introductory documents that contain legal and practical information on this subject, followed by complete forms and specific clauses. Topics include: `economic organizations`, IT contracts, real estate, commercial loans, intellectual property. This publication is an abbreviated version of the eight volumes of warren`s Forms of Agreements and, as such, a convenient, one-copy formbook that can be used for the daily development of business contracts. This compact band provides easy access and quick reference, while allowing lawyers to design their own custom forms with the multitude of specialized clauses in each section. An OverDrive account lets you save your favorite libraries to get availability information at a glance. Learn more about OverDrive accounts.

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